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regulation Financial service industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world across all of its activities, and it is very challenging for many small and medium size companies to meet with increasing regulatory demands.
NOS can help the financial service companies keep pace with regulatory compliances while protecting the asset and customer information effectively. NOS software can comply with:

Articles of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC):

Any issues relating fund transfer between financial service companies are governed by Article 4.
It demands the companies to protect customers against online frauds.

Regulation E – Electronic Fund Transfer:

The regulation is intended to protect individual consumers participating in electron fund transfers systems. It eventually demands more responsibility and liability on financial institution to protect against online fraud. NOS helps you follow the regulatory guidelines and limit the liabilities governed by the Regulation E that costs million dollars to many companies a year.

Red Flag Rule – Red Flag Program Clarification Act:

In order to enforce the protection of consumers, the act was created to help prevent identity theft, usually done by social engineering. Social engineering is the practice of accessing and obtaining private information by false pretense. The best way to prevent identity theft and comply the rule is to have a security system running in day-to-day operations. NOS helps the customers safely enjoy on-line banking and your company avoid financial loss.


Costs financial industry billion dollars a year


More regulation and compliance


Spends million dollars for lawsuits from customers

Solution for Information Security Management

nProtect provides the solutions that protect the customers against cyber attacks and help the companies to follow the FFIEC guideline. The features of NOS prevent identify theft and online fraud from keystroke, malware, screen capture, pharming, phishing and unauthorized access to network. It also helps you monitor and take a more comprehensive approach to risk management through using nProtect Security Reporting System. It provides the status of your compliance and security program your customers enjoy.

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