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References Regulatory compliance solutions from nProtect help financial companies to meet challenges of continuous regulatory changes by government and to protect asset and information from malicious cyber attacks. nProtect provides the solutions is the perfect choice to comply with GLBA compliance.

nProtect compliance solutions provide a set of security system:

nProtect is an endpoint software for security and GLBA Compliance.

nProtect can help your company protect endpoints and assure regulators that you are meeting FFIEC guideline required by GLBA compliance. It reduces the cost and complexity of IT security while strengthening risk management.

The Gramn-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, usually called GLBA, was designed to deregulate and enhance competition in the financial industry. Meanwhile, its personal information protection and privacy rule enforce all financial service companies to design, implement and maintain information security program. We provide a solution that meets the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidelines.

Two main provisions under GLBA

Safeguard Rule

It is defined under Section 501(b) of GLBA and regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), that requires financial service companies to protect customer records against unauthorized access. It ultimately asks the financial service industry to take responsibility to ensure the security and protect against any threats or attacks.

Privacy Rule

Under Section 504(a) of GLBA , all financial service companies are required to provide their customers with a notice of privacy policies and practices. It prohibits to disclose nonpublic personal information to "nonaffiliated" third parties without authorization from consumer.

Solution for FFIEC Guideline

FFIEC guideline is a set of standards issued in October 2005 for GLBA compliance. The standards require multifactor authentication (MFA) because the traditional single-factor authentication is inadequate for both consumers and financial service companies to protect personal data from increasingly sophisticated hackers. .

nProtect is the perfect choice for you to implement a dual-control program and strengthen the level of security that is becoming a government mandate. The government regulatory agencies expect the companies take more responsibility on protecting customers’ personal information and maintaining high level security system. nProtect Online Security (NOS) is a security software that protects against:

Phishing Monitors to identify phishing contents contained in websites. Pharming Prevent any modification or changeof hosts file in your system against malicious programs.
Keystroke Protects personal information against keylogging by using industry-standard 128-bit encryption. Malware Automatically detectable and removable of the latest banking malware.
Network Access
Monitors and detect any unauthorized or suspicious network access. Screen Capture Blocks uncertified or unauthorized screen capture programs.

Powerful Tool of nProtect Online Security:

nProtect Security Reporting System (NSRS) is a powerful feature that delivers up-to-date reporting system for IT management. IT security managers can log in to nProtect’s NSRS website to find:

  • User statistics – number of downloads and sessions
  • Malware statistics – number of malware infections and repairs
  • Cyber attack analysis – list of malware names, patterns, and samples
  • Phishing statistics – number of phishing attacks and warnings
  • Security news – security threat news update and new product information