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NOS UI nProtect Online Security (NOS) is a total online financial security that will protect user's personal data from cyber criminals attempting to steal data for financial gains. NOS is designed specifically for the financial industry, securing user's personal computer in kernel, application, and web level. This complete, multi-layered security software will, while satisfying the requirements set by the FFIEC, safeguard information even against the latest threats using cloud server system, where updates are uploaded in real time.
* The patents relating to nProtect Online Security are registered as US PAT. No. RE42,196 and RE44,249.

What is nProtect Online Security?

nProtect Online Security (NOS) is a specialized financial security solution that protects secure online transactions from end-user's PC, laptops, mobile devices during online banking, payments, and accessing information against hacking, phishing, and malware threats. NOS consists of Malware Monitoring, Network Protection, Keystroke Protection, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Screen Capture, DNS Monitoring and NSRS (nProtect Security Reproting System).

Main Functions



1.Malware Monitoring

The Malware Monitoring feature monitors and repairs financial malwares with a real-time detection technology.
End-users can directly scan and repair financial malwares.


2. Network Protection

The Network Protection feature protects the end-user's system from unauthorized intrusions and external hacking attempts over the network.
Network Protection detects code injected threads by mutant malwares and blocks network access of code injected threads where most of the malware activities take place.
Network Protection also blocks unauthorized processes based on set policies by users using kernel/driver level technology include unauthorized IP/Port/Ping, Anti-worm (based on BPF: Berkeley Packet Filter). NOS UINOS UI

3. Keystroke Protection

The Keystroke Encryption feature prohibits the operation of keyloggers. The Keystroke Encryption runs silently in the end-user's system tray and immediately starts the keystroke protection. Keystroke Encryption protects keyboard input during online transactions which may contain personal identifiable information using its kernel/driver level technology and a 128-bit AES encryption algorithm which is compatible with PKI and SEED. NOS UI

4. Anti-Screen Capture

The Anti-Screen Capture feature blocks any screen capture attempts of the system by using advanced Windows API hooking technology.


5. Anti-Phishing

The Anti-Phishing feature identifies phishing content that may be contained in a website or email. Once identified, the end-user is notified with a warning message and alerts users of the phishing site to prevent web fraud. NOS provides the most updated phishing databases from our own research center and global working groups: APWG, PhishTank, and JP CERT. NOS UINOS UI

6. DNS Monitoring

The DNS Monitoring feature protects from DNS Hijacking & DNS Changer by matching Name Resolution with URL-IP records.
If user's URL-Server IP records match,
NOS displays "Safe"
If user's URL-Server IP records don't match,
NOS displays "Warning"

How NOS Works



System Requirements

Operating Systems & Web Browsers Operating Systems
Windows XP/Vista and 7(32bit, 64bit), Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Linux
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Chrome 13 or higher, Firefox 3 or higher, Safari 3 or higher
Minimum System Requirements CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.0Ghz or higher
Memory: RAM 512MB or higher
HDD: 150MB free space