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What is nProtect Online Security?

nProtect Online Security(NOS) is an endpoint security that creates a safe transaction environment on your computer during online banking sessions. NOS protects your account information from sophisticated financial malwares, phishing sites, pharming and man-in-the-middle attacks with its multi-layered security features.

How to Install nProtect Online Security
Download NOS setup file by clicking on the download button above. This will only take a few seconds and is required for the first time only. Execute the downloaded setup file and follow the setup process. When installation is complete, NOS agent icon will appear at the tray icon area.

How to Uninstall nProtect Online Security
For Windows, click ‘Start’ and open ‘Control Panel’. Select ‘Uninstall a program’, and from the menu select ‘nProtect Online Security Uninstall’ and click uninstall.
For Mac, find ‘nProtect’ folder in Applications. In the ‘nProtect Online Security Uninstall’ folder select ‘’
How nProtect Online Security Works
NOS is very light and runs silently in the background of your computer and does not affect your computer usage. NOS is activated only when you visit your bank website.
When you visit the bank website, NOS icon will change color from orange to green.

By right clicking or double clicking on the NOS icon, you can view the configuration menu.
nProtect Online Security Features
  • Malware Monitoring detects and removes malwares. All updates are done on the cloud server and user does not need to download malware patterns.
  • Keystroke Protection protects against key-loggers that steal keyboard inputs such as ID and password.
  • Network Protection blocks unauthorized programs and code injected processes from accessing the network.
  • Anti-Phishing checks and warns the user when they enter a suspicious website.
  • DNS Monitoring checks and warns the user when URL and IP does not match or when Hosts file has been tampered.
  • Anti-Screen Capture blocks all screen capturing and recording tools during online banking session.
※ For Mac, please note that only Network Protection feature is available for now.
System Support
Operating System Windows XP(SP3), Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1
Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
Browser Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1
Chrome 33, 34, 35
Firefox 27, 28, 29
Safari 5.1.7 ~ 7.0.4 for Mac only
Hardware CPU : Intel Pentium IV 1.0 Ghz or higher
Memory : 512MB or higher
Customer Support
nProtect provides customer support service via telephone, email, and LiveChat.

Toll-Free : 1-855-466-7768 (1-855-GO-NPROT)
Office : 1-408-477-1742
E-mail :
FAQ : Click Here
NOS Manual : Click Here


nProtect is not an affiliate of Commonwealth Business Bank. Commonwealth Business Bank does not control or guarantee the terms and conditions under which the nProtect Online Security Product is offered or provided by nProtect and does not make any representation or warranties concerning these terms and conditions, or nProtect Online Security. nProtect is solely responsible for customer service support and maintenance of the nProtect Online Security product.
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