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nProtect Online Security
Setting a New Standard in Web Fraud Detection &
nProtect Online Security is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) that
provides safe online environments to end-users using online transactions.
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nProtect Online Security (NOS) is a total online financial security that will protect user's personal data from cyber criminals attempting to steal data for financial gains.
NOS is designed specifically for the financial industry, securing user's personal computer in kernel, application, and web level.
This complete, multi-layered security software will, while satisfying the requirements set by the FFIEC, safeguard information even against the latest threats using cloud server system, where updates are uploaded in real time.

How NOS Works
  • NOS will scan your computer for any malware that may already be present on your PC and prevent any future attack.
  • Cyber criminals attempt to steal your data will be useless if the criminal cannot make a network connection with your PC.
    This is why NOS will block any suspicious network connection, which you can unblock if you believe it to be safe.
  • When you try to visit your bank website, NOS will verify validity of the website. Connecting to your bank through link can be dangerous and can lead you to fraudulent websites.
  • Cyber criminals can steal keystrokes to gain access to your log-in credentials. NOS ensures all keystroking attempts are futile by blocking malicious stroking programs from kernel level, the deepest security level possible.
  • NOS protects your screen by blocking screen capturing attempts by cyber criminals, safeguarding contents, such as virtual keyboard information , that is displayed on your screen.

System Requirements

Operating Systems & Web Browsers Operating Systems
Windows XP/Vista and 7(32bit, 64bit), Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Linux

Web Browsers
Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Chrome 13 or higher, Firefox 3 or higher, Safari 3 or higher
Minimum System Requirements CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.0Ghz or higher
Memory: RAM 512MB or higher
HDD: 150MB free space

FFIEC Compliance

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